Digital Weighing Scale Steel Platform With Separate Indicator For Easy Reading  200 Kg
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  • High Precision Sensor, Overload Indication, Automatic On Off functionality
  • Capacity:180 Kg, Accuracy (gm):100+-,
  • Thickness: 8mm,
  • Package Contents : 1 Weighing Scale and 2 Batteries
  • LED display with glowing digits, Battery & Temp Indicator in Screen, Body Design:Square Digital
  • Material: Toughened Glass

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    Heavy Duty Platform: Crafted with a durable stainless steel platform, this digital weighing scale has a maximum capacity of 200kg. It can sense a minimum weight of 0.7 Kg( 700 grams). The accuracy of the scale is upto 0.1Kg (100 Grams). The platform size is 31 centimetre by 38.5 centimetre

    Separate Indicator: Wide platform helps the person stand easily while long expendable cord allows user to read the weight without bending. The cord can be extended upto 1 meter above the floor and the indicator can be kept on a table or can be wall mounted at waist level.The indicator has a blue backlight for easy readability.

    Features: The weighing scale is easily portable as it has dual power option modes. The indicator can run on 4 * AA batteries(included) or can also run directly on electricity using adaptor (included). It can be switched off manually or can also auto off to preserve battery.

    Multipurpose Applications: This weight scale is the ideal solution for doctor clinics, hospitals, or gym. It can display readings in kg/ pounds. This weighing scale can also be used for other household applications like weighing gas cylinders or weighing vegetables.

    industrial scale 200kg

    This is specially designed weighing scale with a separate indicator. The expendable display cord allows the user to easily read the weight without struggling to read it by bending and looking at the floor. The scale can be kept on the floor whereas the indicator can be kept above at a desk or can be hanged on the wall at 1 meter above the floor. The weighing scale has a capacity of upto 200kg. It can be used to weigh anything above 0.7kg. There are multiple power options including both batteries and electricity. There is backlight function in the indicator to increase the readability of the readings. The platform of the weighing scale has been built using durable and sturdy Stainless Steel material and can withstand high weights. This is a unique multipurpose weighing scale suitable for both household and industrial applications. We will provide you our customer care number and you can call us for any assistance. Please note that this scale is not very useful for small packets weighing less than 500 grams as they will not be sensed properly on the scale. It is ideal to be used as doctor weighing scale. Gym weighing scale, hospital weighing scale or human personal weighing scale.

    industrial weighing scale 200kg

    Weighing Capacity (Kg) 180kg
    Colour Black